Professional, Personal & Adult ADHD Coaching

   "I strongly recommend working with Chris. She is the type of coach who can draw out the life skills you already have and help you build new ones." - JP

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Complimentary 30 Minute Introductory Consult

Vision into Action can help you bring balance to your life

We are whole people with both internal and external personal and professional desires that yearn to be acknowledged, need to be challenged and brought into creative balance.

re-energize your life with Vison into Action

Allow yourself to know what you really want to accomplish. Infuse your relationships, business dealings and social skills with the creative energy to move forward.

recreate your life with christine bavaro

View your life through the lens of possibilities. Strategize how you want to develop your “best self” at work or at home.

How Vision into Action can help you

Create a work-life balance
Build effective behavior patterns
Communicate with confidence
Strengthen your relationships
Rebuild after loss
Renew after illness
Embrace career transitions
Make ADHD work for you
Realize your dream

Let Vision to Action be the bridge
between where you are now
and where you want to be.