Keeping the intention alive!


How many times have you made a New Year’s Resolution with all good intention and determination to follow through? And about now, just a few weeks later, that motivation for change, or self-improvement seems to be waning? How does that happen, you wonder - one minute you’re all in and the next, it seems like the idea came from someone else’s mind - and you wish you could introduce yourself to that person who had this great idea.

Well, you sort of can. There are techniques and approaches to introduce you to that part of you that has those great ideas for self-preservation and self-improvement. I can help you with that. But, if you want, you can help yourself by taking small steps to keep that intention alive.

In addition to waning motivation, the cold days and grey skies of winter don’t help increase the energy to stick to the Resolution. Plus, the expectation of snow further diminishes our resolve. In my opinion, snow is only great when it first falls and if you like to ski, sled or snowboard! If you live in a warm climate, the sun may help but when your resolve weakens and your resolutions loose their intensity, there are ways that you can revive your interest.

Salvaging your intention for the new year is all about keeping the intention alive!

1.   Put your intention on a piece of paper - even the back of an envelope - and tape it to your bathroom mirror….read it every morning and every night.
2.  While eating breakfast, get in the habit of starting off with a deep breath…not suggesting you slow down… although that might be helpful…am just suggesting that you get into the habit of taking deep breaths. You can also use deep breathing throughout your day. It really helps your body and feeds your brain.
3.  Review that intention and come up with 2 small steps that would give your intention some legs. You can pick a color or a picture that captures your desire and post it somewhere noticeable to remind you of the energy that created the intention.
4.  Obviously, eating healthy, decreasing alcohol intake and being consistent with exercising is always helpful…but that may be out of your reach at this time, or that might be your intention.
5. Listening to upbeat music, writing letters to yourself, finding one good thing in your day and giving yourself a small reward — not alcohol or sugar — every day.

These are all helpful hints to keep your spirits up and your motivation active. They are all small, easy steps you can take to help yourself stay focused on your prize. For more personalized suggestions, you can always contact me.

Till we meet again, be kind to yourself …Chris By the way, Happy New Year!