A Willingness to Change




A Willingness to Change

How often do you wish some “thing” in your life was different? It could be about your job, your relationship or something about your personal being - you wish it could be different but making it so doesn’t seem to happen. How come? Does that voice in your head tell you its too late or you don’t know how or what you want only happens for others? Do you defeat yourself before you start?

So many of us talk ourselves right out of what we long for. But, what if you had an easy way to override that voice? What if you had a sort of roadmap to get to where you wanted to go - and all you had to do was take some time to ponder (pondering is good) your life and imagine how it could be if you allowed yourself to follow your dream? Would you try it? I’m offering you just that — a simple do-it-yourself process - a road map, if you will - towards your journey of self-fulfillment.

Step 1: Identify how you live your life now by sifting through what you like about who you are, how you are and what you do.

Step 2…Identify what you don’t like about you, your career, your relationship, etc.

Step 3…Once you have your What I Like/Dislike list start thinking about what you would like to improve upon…Re-Energize your creative mind with considering the possibilities - imagine taking what you discover you like and creating a vision of how you want it to be. (remember not to let that discouraging inner voice distract you) Try thinking out of the box!

Exploring these areas with this simple approach of like/dislike brings you in touch with how you feel about what you do — which brings increased clarity about the direction you want or need to go in.

Step 4…Re-Create: take what you’ve learned and what you’ve imagined and start to identify what you need to do to make your dream a reality.

When you have a willingness to change strengthened by allowing yourself to seriously consider the possibilities, often your possibilities turn into probabilities! It’s all about the Re-Balance!

If you get stuck, contact me. Till next month, have some fun and Happy Spring …..Chris