Transitions – Fresh Starts

Transitions - Fresh Starts


I always think of Fall as a chance to re-evaluate or re-think our everyday existence. A time to bring a fresh approach to stale habits - even if it’s as simple as using a different cup for your morning coffee.

What if the next time you are faced with a “transition” in your life, you tried something different - doesn’t have to be huge, just different. It might be just a change in language. Instead of saying how you dread the thought of ……(fill in the blank…; you might say something like I’m looking forward to …………… I have a friend that does this very successfully all of the time!

On a daily basis, we all face transitions that require us to think differently about where we’re going or what we do. Clients have told me “I can deal with big changes but it’s the little stuff that throws me”. Conversely, others have said “I can manage the small changes but the big ones overwhelm me.” Whether it is the route we take to work or the move we make to a new location or a different lifestyle, it seems that everyone has their own pattern of behaviors that come into play during transitions. What has worked for me during my times of transition is focusing on how to make it easier, better, more fun, more exciting, more beneficial. For me, the key question to ask at times of transition, small or large, is:

How will this transition benefit me?

I list the pluses and minuses of what I’m moving towards which helps clarify my expectations. After weighing and measuring the benefits, the next question to answer is:

What do I need to put in place for a smooth transition?

Once the facts are in front of me, the next question to explore is:

How do I feel about making this transition?
Feelings can be complex but feelings create attitude and attitude influences perspective. It can be said that our attitude is the secret ingredient supporting us during the process of transition. Knowing how I feel about the benefits of the transition and the steps needed, makes it easier for me to embrace the Fresh Start that life’s transitions bring.

Enjoy the colors of Autumn and have fun……Chris