Lately, I’ve been thinking about all the mistruths, alternative facts, and other non-accurate speech dominating the news reports these days.  That got me to thinking about how we speak our truth.  Usually, we apply the concept of how we speak our truth to others which, I believe, is always something that needs conscious evaluation lest we fall into bad habits of being deceitful. The question, however, is do we ever apply the concept to how we speak to ourselves?
We have inner dialogue filled with all kinds of thoughts, opinions and insults collected over the years. For many, these insults have shaped the way we see ourselves.  You may be familiar with comments like “so clumsy”, “never do anything right”, “not smart enough” ,“not good enough”.  How often do we repeat old insults applying them to new situations, particularly when attempting to do something different, improve our environment or trying to make our dreams come true.  I wonder how much conscious evaluation we lend to our inner speech.
I think it’s time to consciously evaluate how we speak to ourselves - is it your voice you hear or the voice of experiences past?   Here are a few questions to ask:   How do you encourage yourself?  How do you support yourself emotionally?  Do you stand up for yourself?  What types of compliments do you give to yourself?  Do you speak your truth to you?
Speaking your truth starts with you acknowledging how you speak to yourself - the rest is what you want to do about it.
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Spring is almost here…time to leave winter behind and embrace the sun and ourselves!!   Have fun ... Blessings, Chris