At this time of transition from the long cold, grey winter days to the much awaited sunny spring, we might take a moment to ask ourselves if we take life for granted? Often we're busy filling our thoughts with what we don’t have. I wonder, when do we think about what we do have and what we like about this life that we wake up to every day.
 I was at a meeting not too long ago when all of a sudden one of my colleagues, taking a sip of water, began choking. Of course, we were stunned, some of us ran for help while others prepared to deliver the Heimlich maneuver. Our colleague recovered but all of us were frightened that something as simple as swallowing water could end up so life threatening. However, another friend of mine wasn’t so fortunate. She was on a long awaited cruise vacation, having loads of fun, when she slipped, hitting her head which left her in a coma. She died three months later never speaking another word.   As we remember the 2013 Boston Marathon , I think of the robust runners and hopeful supporters so involved with the joy of the day, when something disastrous stopped their lives without notice.  In Boston, it was a bomb… for my friend, it was a fall… for those of us who still have our lives to live, we came away with a heightened awareness of the fragility of life.
I certainly don’t like to think of bad things happening when we least expect it, especially during fun times…such a drag!  But, while we’re transitioning from heavy coats to lighter jackets, eagerly awaiting those consistent sunny spring days, maybe we could pause a moment, fill our thoughts with all that we have and give thanks for being alive ... which leads me to the question, "How do you  honor your life?"

In my estimation, enjoying your life is your birthright, being happy is allowed. As you know, I’m all about you livin' your dream!  What if you recall how “happy” feels, then duplicate it at least once a day?

Enjoy every day … Blessings, Chris