COMPLIMENTARY 30-MINUTE INTRODUCTORY CONSULT

                                                   Suspect you have Adult ADHD        Time to re-assess how ADHD impacts you

 *  ADHD Enrichment Coaching * Improve Relationships * Navigate obstacles * Balance work-life
* Improve management skills  * Discover your Inner Coach

Vision Into Action adult adhd

How can Adult ADHD Coaching benefit you?

Chris is trained in the obvious and hidden expressions of ADHD symptoms. Engaging in a collaborative partnership, you will build a tool box of effective strategies to better manage the various expressions of ADHD and improve relationships. Coaching with Chris introduces you to your Inner Coach.

How does Change happen?

Change happens when it’s harder to stay where you are than it is to make the leap of faith to try a better way. It can also happen when you follow your dream!

For options available for ADHD Coaching click on the Invest in Yourself page. You may also enroll in a six (6) week enrichment course as outline below to more clearly understand ADHD and You.

Make ADHD Work for You

  • Six week enrichment course identifying the physical, behavioral and social impact of ADHD on you
  • Discover your strengths, learning style and personality style.
  • Explore how to improve management skills and how to make effective choices to support your best self.


          No matter what stage of life you’re at,  it's never too late!


“I am writing to thank you and endorse your Professional and Personal Coaching Program in the strongest possible terms.  Having you there in a coaching role to provide guidance, help me maintain focus and keep me on track has been invaluable.  As a result, I have focused more on setting my own goals, demanding progress of myself and taking the time to monitor my own progress…being personally responsible and individually accountable for my success has enabled me to attain a level of progress and satisfaction that I do not believe traditional therapy could have provided.”   —   Peter C.