The religious message of the holidays tells us we are in the season of spiritual love,  a time of opening our hearts to others, known and unknown,  and practicing  kindness and thoughtfulness towards all.    And, in the spirit of the season, we lovingly respond with donations, volunteering and praying for others.
I meet so many people who give unconditionally to others, especially during the holidays.  However, they tell me that they feel unworthy of receiving love.  Whether it’s because of what they’ve concluded in childhood or their hearts were broken on the way to romance, they feel unable to receive.   I  ask you during this holiday time, while you’re extending spiritual love to others, to extend that same spiritual love to yourself.  Now is the time to open your heart to love, nurture yourself with prayers, positive thoughts and gratefulness for who you are.  Let yourself receive. 
Whatever your religious beliefs are, make time to honor yourself, as well as others, with the spiritual love of this holiday season.
Just for the fun of it, try this little exercise:
      Make a list of everything you can think of that answers the question:
           What do I like about Myself?
           When you are done, then change the word “like” to "Love".             
A pleasant, blessed holiday season to all…………….Chris