Welcome to 2017!! You’ve made your New Year’s Resolution to help you become your best self —exercise more; eat healthier; become more organized; stop procrastinating; etc., etc, etc.
You started out with energy, good intentions and a positive attitude. Now at midpoint - just 2 short weeks ago - you feel that motivation fading.
Resolutions state what we want to do. More often than not, a plan for how we want to do it is not included. We say to ourselves the goal is so obvious, just do it. And then, we don’t!
Do not let another year go by wishing or beating yourself up for not following through on that
important Resolution. Ask yourself: What do I need in order to accomplish my Resolution? How will I stay motivated? Make a plan……or call 978-645-1982 to develop an effective action plan to accomplish all you want to do for yourself. If not now, when?
May 2017 be the year you want it to be……Make it count!
Blessings, Chris

The religious message of the holidays tells us we are in the season of spiritual love,  a time of opening our hearts to others, known and unknown,  and practicing  kindness and thoughtfulness towards all.    And, in the spirit of the season, we lovingly respond with donations, volunteering and praying for others.
I meet so many people who give unconditionally to others, especially during the holidays.  However, they tell me that they feel unworthy of receiving love.  Whether it’s because of what they’ve concluded in childhood or their hearts were broken on the way to romance, they feel unable to receive.   I  ask you during this holiday time, while you’re extending spiritual love to others, to extend that same spiritual love to yourself.  Now is the time to open your heart to love, nurture yourself with prayers, positive thoughts and gratefulness for who you are.  Let yourself receive. 
Whatever your religious beliefs are, make time to honor yourself, as well as others, with the spiritual love of this holiday season.
Just for the fun of it, try this little exercise:
      Make a list of everything you can think of that answers the question:
           What do I like about Myself?
           When you are done, then change the word “like” to "Love".             
A pleasant, blessed holiday season to all…………….Chris

Your Best Self

Since the presidential election, the most consistent questions I’ve heard from others are ‘who do I believe’ and ‘who do I to trust’. As we’ve seen during this election process, the business of politics brings out the best and the worst in us. Whether we agree or not with the outcome, I think it is fair to say that we all want the best for our country. How we answer the above questions is dependent on the values that guide our choices and direct the way we live our lives.

In anticipation of celebrating Thanksgiving, the football game and eating that delicious turkey, we might include a time to reflect on what we believe in. When is the last time we took time to articulate the values that we hold dear? While waiting for the dust to settle regarding the direction the country will move in, it seems to me that we have a unique opportunity this Thanksgiving to think about our core values

A tip to help answer the above questions is as follows:

“Acknowledge how you feel NOW and Start where you are TODAY”.

+ Make a factual list of what you have that you like and what you have that you don’t like.

What do you think about what you identified.

+ Write down what you want. It can be as simple as improving on what you have or it can be three page essay of how you envision your life to be.

+ Now list the personal values you live your life by.

+ Ask: “Does my professional and personal life reflect my values?”

Knowing your personal values guides your choices especially when faced by conflicting standards of behavior.

When you sit down to give thanks this Thanksgiving Day , also give thanks for knowing that the choices you make come from the truest sense of Your Best Self. When you know yourself you know who to believe and who to trust — it starts with you.

Until next month, do something nice for yourself and have fun……Chris


Have you ever jokingly blamed your forgetfulness or disorganization on ADHD?  Or, seriously wondered why, no matter how hard you try, you can never stay organized?
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a genetic neurobiological condition usually diagnosed in childhood continuing into adulthood, much like diabetes or heart problems.  It can also result from a head trauma.  There are three core symptoms of ADHD: inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity.
For many it is undiagnosed until circumstances in our life do not  keep our “habits” under control.
Habits like:
* forgetfulness
* not following through on promises or expectations
* being distracted to the point of not listening
* being too active - being too withdrawn
Usually, these  are greeted with accusations of “being lazy”, “not reliable”, “uncaring”.
You know you’re not any of those things.  But, those labels feed negative self-esteem diminishing self-confidence and lead to an attitude of “why bother”.
If this sounds familiar to you, it’s important to check out whether ADHD is a part of your life.  If you’re not able to make effective changes to accomplish that job promotion or maintain a caring relationship,  consider the possibility that ADHD may be part of the reason.

Tired or Depressed Businesswoman Outside

Vision to Action, Professional & Personal Coaching, offers Coaching for Adults with ADHD.   If the above behaviors are significantly effecting your everyday life, it’s time to create new behaviors to deal with the above and other “habits” associated with ADHD.  It is easier to tackle these nagging behaviors together,  re-balancing and re-energizing your approach to living your best life making ADHD work for you.
People with ADHD have untapped abilities that coaching can bring into awareness.
Contact me for a free half hour consultation (978) 645-1982.
Check out CHADD, The National Resource on ADHD at www.CHADD.org
Wishing you good health, happiness and wealth………….Chris

Transitions - Fresh Starts


I always think of Fall as a chance to re-evaluate or re-think our everyday existence. A time to bring a fresh approach to stale habits - even if it’s as simple as using a different cup for your morning coffee.

What if the next time you are faced with a “transition” in your life, you tried something different - doesn’t have to be huge, just different. It might be just a change in language. Instead of saying how you dread the thought of ……(fill in the blank…; you might say something like I’m looking forward to …………… I have a friend that does this very successfully all of the time!

On a daily basis, we all face transitions that require us to think differently about where we’re going or what we do. Clients have told me “I can deal with big changes but it’s the little stuff that throws me”. Conversely, others have said “I can manage the small changes but the big ones overwhelm me.” Whether it is the route we take to work or the move we make to a new location or a different lifestyle, it seems that everyone has their own pattern of behaviors that come into play during transitions. What has worked for me during my times of transition is focusing on how to make it easier, better, more fun, more exciting, more beneficial. For me, the key question to ask at times of transition, small or large, is:

How will this transition benefit me?

I list the pluses and minuses of what I’m moving towards which helps clarify my expectations. After weighing and measuring the benefits, the next question to answer is:

What do I need to put in place for a smooth transition?

Once the facts are in front of me, the next question to explore is:

How do I feel about making this transition?
Feelings can be complex but feelings create attitude and attitude influences perspective. It can be said that our attitude is the secret ingredient supporting us during the process of transition. Knowing how I feel about the benefits of the transition and the steps needed, makes it easier for me to embrace the Fresh Start that life’s transitions bring.

Enjoy the colors of Autumn and have fun……Chris


July 4th, Independence Day, a time for our country to celebrate its freedom and autonomy! Our weekend activities are filled with backyard barbecues, parades, concerts and an array
of fireworks that fill our senses with love and joy!

I want to urge you - in the spirit of Independence Day - to take a moment to celebrate the person you are RIGHT NOW. I invite you to appreciate who you are, what you have overcome, what you have accomplished - and what you may still want to accomplish.

In the busy lives we lead, it is always a good thing - at least once a year - to consciously celebrate our lives appreciating ourselves and letting that feeling fill our senses with love
and joy!

Happy 4th…….have fun……. till next month, Chris





A time to pay tribute to your loved one who died too soon … always too soon … a time for memories and reflection upon their legacy.  It is also a time to hold tight to the process of living. You can honor your lost love by living everyday to its fullest, doing for yourself what time did not allow your loved one to do. Embrace the day in their memory and move forward with hope, love and energy towards your future. The process of living continues.

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.
- Ivy Baker Priest




A Willingness to Change

How often do you wish some “thing” in your life was different? It could be about your job, your relationship or something about your personal being - you wish it could be different but making it so doesn’t seem to happen. How come? Does that voice in your head tell you its too late or you don’t know how or what you want only happens for others? Do you defeat yourself before you start?

So many of us talk ourselves right out of what we long for. But, what if you had an easy way to override that voice? What if you had a sort of roadmap to get to where you wanted to go - and all you had to do was take some time to ponder (pondering is good) your life and imagine how it could be if you allowed yourself to follow your dream? Would you try it? I’m offering you just that — a simple do-it-yourself process - a road map, if you will - towards your journey of self-fulfillment.

Step 1: Identify how you live your life now by sifting through what you like about who you are, how you are and what you do.

Step 2…Identify what you don’t like about you, your career, your relationship, etc.

Step 3…Once you have your What I Like/Dislike list start thinking about what you would like to improve upon…Re-Energize your creative mind with considering the possibilities - imagine taking what you discover you like and creating a vision of how you want it to be. (remember not to let that discouraging inner voice distract you) Try thinking out of the box!

Exploring these areas with this simple approach of like/dislike brings you in touch with how you feel about what you do — which brings increased clarity about the direction you want or need to go in.

Step 4…Re-Create: take what you’ve learned and what you’ve imagined and start to identify what you need to do to make your dream a reality.

When you have a willingness to change strengthened by allowing yourself to seriously consider the possibilities, often your possibilities turn into probabilities! It’s all about the Re-Balance!

If you get stuck, contact me. Till next month, have some fun and Happy Spring …..Chris



The choices you make today will influence the rest of your life

As we move into Spring, we look forward to sunnier days and flowering trees and plants. The gestation time of winter is completed; it’s a time of renewal. Usually, we welcome the Spring by cleaning closets, changing fashion and sprucing up our environment.

This transition also provides us with the opportunity to spruce up the way we live our lives. Do we choose the same old, same old — or do we look for fresh, new, energizing ways to live the upcoming days? And, how about the way you think, act and believe? How do these characteristics of your personality influence your choices?

Thinking: Is your self-talk supportive; are your thoughts filled with positive words and perspectives of situations or others?

Behaviors: Are you kind in your dealings with others and yourself; are you mindful of the way you attend to yourself as well as your living environment?

Beliefs:  How do you acknowledge your spiritual connections; how does it serve you?

Reviewing the underpinnings of who you are helps you to better understand the choices you make. The choices you make result in the life style you live. The life style you live tells the world who you are. Is your way of thinking, behaving and believing reflective of the person you want to be?

Your choices should benefit you and others, ultimately bringing you happiness!

Till next month, be kind to yourself…and have fun….Chris