The choices you make today will influence the rest of your life

As we move into Spring, we look forward to sunnier days and flowering trees and plants. The gestation time of winter is completed; it’s a time of renewal. Usually, we welcome the Spring by cleaning closets, changing fashion and sprucing up our environment.

This transition also provides us with the opportunity to spruce up the way we live our lives. Do we choose the same old, same old — or do we look for fresh, new, energizing ways to live the upcoming days? And, how about the way you think, act and believe? How do these characteristics of your personality influence your choices?

Thinking: Is your self-talk supportive; are your thoughts filled with positive words and perspectives of situations or others?

Behaviors: Are you kind in your dealings with others and yourself; are you mindful of the way you attend to yourself as well as your living environment?

Beliefs:  How do you acknowledge your spiritual connections; how does it serve you?

Reviewing the underpinnings of who you are helps you to better understand the choices you make. The choices you make result in the life style you live. The life style you live tells the world who you are. Is your way of thinking, behaving and believing reflective of the person you want to be?

Your choices should benefit you and others, ultimately bringing you happiness!

Till next month, be kind to yourself…and have fun….Chris